Our services

Our Core Services

Land and Title Deed Acquisition

We help our clients both locally and in the diaspora in the acquisition of land and certificates of title. Because customary or untitled land involves the approval of local leadership (chiefs), local and planning authorities and the numbering and offer by Ministry of Lands, we help our clients by undertaking these processes on their behalf up to the time the title deed gets issued by Ministry of Lands. Acquisition of title deed is a cumbersome process…we have been in it and know every stage and we are ready to help acquire that certificate of title.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

We conduct Environmental Impact Assessments for mega projects as a requirement by Zambia Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA) chiefly in the areas of road constructions, dam constructions, wayleaves, general infrastructure development, investment plants, etc. We conduct scooping meetings with project stakeholders, conduct social economic surveys, environmental surveys, social-techno surveys, resettlement action plans (RAP), identification of project stakeholders, submission of EIA documents for approval by relevant institutions, etc.

Land Surveying

We undertake surveying activities in preparation of project siting and construction, road construction, title deed acquisition, etc. We prepare site plans and survey diagrams as required by our clients.

Valuation Surveying

Through our sister company Five Star Properties, we conduct valuation of properties for our clients for varied purposes such collateral/ mortgage, accounting, compensation, insurance, sale, merger and acquisition, etc.

Quantity Surveying

We know how important it is to you to plan for your building costs. We conduct accurate assessments of the bill of quantities before you commit yourself into construction.

Project Management

We offer a complete project management solution to both our local and diaspora clients in the areas of residential and commercial property construction by managing finances, materials and personnel. We provide you with all the necessary project documentation and ensure that the project is executed within the required time and budget.

Property Management

We provide a full range of property management functions ranging from marketing of space, tenant screening, lease administration, rental collection and reviews, property insurance, property inspections, repairs and maintenance, cleaning services, etc.

We provide monthly and annual income and expense statements. We use specialty software to ensure accuracy. We intend pay you directly into your bank or by hand. We’ll hold security deposits in escrow (an amount of money or property granted to somebody but held by a third party and only released after a specific condition has been met), account for any deductions and return the remainder promptly.

Architectural Services

We offer various architectural services that includes creation of building designs and project site management for our clients. Also Bill of Quantities (BoQs) can be provided at low cost. We are also able to recommend to you the most reputable contractors be it a mega or small construction project in the case where you need one.

Title Search

Because buying real estate is not as easy as most people think, we help to reduce the risk of our clients of losing their hard earned cash by providing a range of solutions including title search. We verify the ownership of property, establish that no encumbrances exist, no caveat is placed and the validity of the title deed. Where no title deed exists, we investigate whether it is still viable for our client to acquire the property.

Maintenance and Repairs

Though maintenance can be seen as a mundane function of property management, we provide quality maintenance and refurbishment services such as plumbing, electrical, roof repair/replacements, floor tiling and painting as a separate service. We keep maintenance costs down by using qualified tradesmen to get the job done properly.  Because we deal with this daily, we know what repairs should cost and how long they will take to complete.

Estate Agency

  • We provide real estate services to buyers and sellers of residential and/or commercial real estate.
  • We manage residential and commercial properties as if they were our own.
  • We offer homes and commercial properties for sale and rent on behalf of our clients

Classified Ads

We provide ad space for clients in all areas. Our clients can advertise on any anything they want to including announcements & events, auto, art, books, collectibles, cell phones, real estate, etc. Click here to see more.

Micro Lending

We offer micro and quick loans to our clients at competitive rates. Whether you are a borrower for improvement of your property or other domestic uses, Complete Solution Properties and Services Limited seems to have a solution for you.