Placing Classified Ads on Zamrea

Classified ads are basically advertisement in a newspaper, magazine, or websites generally dealing with offers or requests for jobs, houses, apartments, used cars, and the like.

Advertisements in a newspaper are typically short, as they are charged for by the line or word, and are one newspaper column wide. Though classified ads are cheaper generally, placing a classified ad in a newspaper will cost you much more money than placing an ad on a site like A short ad in a newspaper for a day will cost you around K150, while a longer ad may cost you more than K350 a day.

Zamrea was designed to help our consumers meet the cost of advertising. Posting an ad on is much easy and dozen of times cheaper (click here to see how to post class ads). You can place a classified ad for free or chose an ad package or buy membership package.

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How to Post Classified Ads

Zamrea is a site for classified ads particularly in Zambia. Here are the easy steps of how to post classified ads on

1. You Need to do the registration and verify your registration by email if asked to verify.

2. Click on ” Post an Ad” appearing on your upper right corner when using your desktop/laptop or for mobile version, click the menu icon to the upper right corner and click  ” Place an Ad”

3. Select category. enter details; title, description, prices, tags, add photos or video etc…

– Title of the product you include keyword so people can find your ads easily. – Describe your product or service accurately. – Optimize your ad with keywords, so anyone can reach your ads. – Targeting you buyers by selecting website to place your ads and carefully select category.

4. Preview your ads before publishing.

5. If your ad looks good on preview, click 'continue' and the ad will automatically publish.

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