Safety Tips on classified ads

The overwhelming majority of classified ad posters have nothing but good intentions. While negative ramifications resulting from web-based classified ad activity have been extremely minimal, one can never be too cautious when it comes to personal safety. Unscrupulous people and scams can hit you anywhere. As Zamrea, we want to protect our users and help them take care of their security, so we have collected the most relevant information and tips on what to look out.

It’s very important to always take the same precautions online as you would in the physical world. If your classified ad activity results in a one-on-one meeting, always remember to:

Insist on meeting in a public place like a coffee shopTell a friend or family member where you're going or take them along with you.If you own a cell phone, take it with you,Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t seem quite right, something is probably amiss.

The best way to avoid fraud is to contact the …

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